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Life Traveler

  • Author Lee Geum-yi
    Illustrator -
  • ISBN 9788954658263
    Price 11,500Won
  • Pages 256
    Dimensions 140*205mm
  • Publication date. 2019.10.29.
  • Introduction

    “If you had made a different choice at a past crossroads in life, how would that have changed your life and mine?” 

    The novel sweeps readers to the middle of someone’s life, someone who is able to put a break to unfolding events or go back to reset his life. 

    In Life Traveler, the writer introduces two main characters, Sangman and Heo Gu, whose lives which could not be more different, along with the idea of traveling to parallel universes, an element often used in fantasy. Traversing the boundary between life and death, fiction and truth, the past and the present, and the world of reality and of imagination, the writer draws readers into this compelling story. Filled with thoughtful introspections on life expressed concisely, the story builds suspense to the end and surprises readers with an unexpected and shocking conclusion. 

    The novel begins with someone’s death. A funeral invitation from Heo Gu to his own funeral as if he is playing a sick joke. His high school classmates find Heo Gu’s own obituary notice very disturbing, especially because the notice is conveyed by Sangman, whom they remember as Heo Gu’s crony. What has happened to Heo Gu and Sangman for the past thirty years? The novel introduces readers to Sangman, whose life ends up taking a detour after meeting Heo Gu, and also to Heo Gu, who has to bear the burden of a terrible secret all his life. Life Traveler invites readers to discover truth and the meaning of truth veiled under lies and secrets. 

  • Overview

    초대장 …… 7
    쌀자루의 무게 …… 15
    여행자 K …… 41
    환한 어둠 …… 69
    허구의 기록 …… 115
    갈림길 …… 139
    운명의 경계 …… 163
    산 자와 죽은 자 …… 199
    삶으로의 초대 …… 235
    작가의 말 …… 254 

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