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Us, In the Land of the Giants

  • Author Lee Geum-yi
    Illustrator -
  • ISBN 9791191826050
    Price 13,000Won
  • Pages 248
    Dimensions 135*200mm
  • Publication date. 2022.01.24.
  • Introduction

    A teenage daughter takes a trip with her mother to Gobi Desert, Mongolia.


    Dain, a fifteen-year-old girl, is rather irritated when she hears of her moms plan to visit Mongolian deserts, although it is her first-ever trip abroad. She will be stuck with her forty-seven-year-old mother and her boring friends, in the middle nowhere.

    She finds a hope when she is greeted by Batar, a handsome tour guide whose name means hero, but her excitement does not last long. All her endeavors to get closer to Batar comes to an end when he falls off a horse and is sent away to a hospital in the city. Dain feels completely isolated in the middle of the desert.

    On the other hand, the mother Sukhee is dealing with her own emotional turmoil. Her mind is overwhelmed with the dreams of her childhood, and the incident that forced her to give up on her dreams. She is distracted with the jealousy she feels for her friend, the unresolvable love-and-hate relationship she has had with her own mother, and the anxiety she feels for her childrens future. The more her feelings emerge, she tries harder to look away.

    Nearing the end of the trip, a mirage appears across the horizon. When it vanishes, the mother and the daughter are left with a secret to confront.

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