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Goodbye, My First Love

  • Author Lee Geum-yi
    Illustrator -
  • ISBN 9791191826043
    Price 13,000Won
  • Pages 240
    Dimensions 135*200mm
  • Publication date. 2021.11.22.
  • Introduction

    <Goodbye, My First Love> is a coming-of-age story of a teenage boy and his first experience at love.


    It is easy for 12-year-old Dong-jae to fall in love. When his classmate Yeon-ah picks up the water bottle he left in the gym and returns it to him, Dong-jae is bound to believe that they were meant to be.

    Dong-jea quickly realizes his love is one-sided when Yeon-ah is seen dating a child actress Chan-hyuk. While everyone in the class celebrates the new couple, Dong-jea is struggling through his fathers remarriage.


    Life gets even more complicated for Dong-jae when his stepsister Eun-jae becomes best friends with Yeon-ah. Yeon-ah finally accepts Dong-jaes love and they exchange romantic text messages, but she treats him with coldness when they see each other in the classroom. Dong-jae is disappointed and confused.

    Dong-jae is scraping money to take her out on dates, but Yeon-ah seems unimpressed. Will there be a happy ending to Dong-jaes love story?


  • Overview

    하필, 그때
    비어 있는 집
    조각보 이불
    마녀와 고양이
    비상 연락망
    꽃게탕을 먹는 시간
    달콤쌉쌀한 초콜릿
    수상한 할아버지
    철없던 시절은 안녕
    마지막 시험
    커플링을 위하여
    어둠 속의 나비
    연인으로 사는 법
    첫 데이트
    햇빛 속의 나비
    서로 다른 시간
    세뇨르, 마마
    연극이 끝난 뒤

    작가의 말 

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