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Searching For the Hidden Path

  • Author Lee Geum-yi
    Illustrator -
  • ISBN 9791191826036
    Price 12,500Won
  • Pages 212
    Dimensions 135*200mm
  • Publication date. 2021.09.11.
  • Introduction

    <Searching For the Hidden Path> is the third installment in the best-selling contemporary classic <You Too Are a Twilight Lily> trilogy.


    Miru, So-hee, and Bah-woo reunite in Seoul as teenagers, many years since the last time they met in Dal-bat village.

    Miru whimsically declares her plan to become a musical actor, out of the jealousy she feels for So-hee. So-hee was an impoverished, abandoned child when they were friends in Dal-bat village, but she is now an attractive teenage girl with rich parents, wrapped in name-brand clothing. However, Miru realizes before long that it takes much more than just a whim to become a musical star.

    Bah-woo has found his true passion while taking care of the garden that So-hees family left behind. He decides to attend an agriculture school to become a farmer but faces unexpected objection from his father who has had a life-long career as a farmer. The father does not want his own son to suffer from the same kind of stigma that he has dealt with his entire life.

    The story follows Miru and Bah-woo on their journey to find their own path, exploring the themes of dream, first love, coming-of-age struggles.

    <Searching For the Hidden Path> was published to follow up on Miru and Bah-woo after high demands from the fans of <You Too Are a Twilight Lily>.

  • Overview

    소희의 방
    비밀 정원
    낮 꿈
    한여름 밤의 꿈
    재이네 집
    삶의 정수
    인생의 시험의 연속
    숨어 있는 길
    작가의 말 

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