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You Too Are a Twilight Lily

  • Author Lee Geum-yi
    Illustrator -
  • ISBN 2147483647
    Price 12,500Won
  • Pages 212
    Dimensions 135*200mm
  • Publication date. 2021.09.09.
  • Introduction

    <You Too Are a Twilight Lily> is the first book of the trilogy that has captivated more than a million readers over decades.


    Miru has left Seoul to live with her mom in a small village in the countryside, after the parents divorce. She lets her anger out on her mom for taking her away from her father and the excitement of Seoul.

    So-hee lives with her grandmother. Everyone in town knows her as the model child: she is mature, obedient, and self-reliant. However, under the guise of a good kid, So-hee is tormented with the fear of abandonment.

    Traumatized by the passing of his mother, Bah-woo has developed selective mutism. His father is the only person he speaks to. Bah-woo finds solace in drawing the flowers around his mothers grave. He is surprised with his own desire to speak when he notices the new girl in town, Miru.

    The three lonely teens form an unexpected friendship and learn to open up.

    The story revolves around three teenagers who are going through difficult circumstances that they have no control over. It explores isolation, family conflicts and self-discovery that any teen may experience.

  • Overview

    1부 미르 이야기
    달밭의 느티나무
    주먹코 메기입 아저씨
    달밭마을 아이들
    말하지 않는 아이

    2부 소희 이야기
    혼자만의 얼굴을 본 사람이 가져야 하는 아주 작은 예의
    따뜻한 집
    마음속에 진주를 키우기로 했다
    울고 싶은 아이
    산에는 찔레꽃이 눈부시게 피어났다
    용서할 수 없는 건 추억이 많기 때문이다

    3부 바우 이야기
    빨간 장미

    4부 너도 하늘말나리야
    아빠와 엄마
    그날 밤
    느티나무의 마음자리
    너도 하늘말나리야

    작가의 말 

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