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  • 6-9

I’m Sure My Teacher Hates Me

  • Author Lee Geum-yi
    Illustrator Seo Ji-hyeon
  • ISBN 9791191826067
    Price 10,000Won
  • Pages 68
    Dimensions 167*212mm
  • Publication date. 2022.04.15.
  • Introduction

    I’m Sure My Teacher Hates Me

    -I am a first grader!

    <I’m Sure My Teacher Hates Me>

    Eunchae is filled with excitement and joy when she starts the first grade. That is, until she realizes that her teacher hates her. Not only that: all her classmates are loud and obnoxious, and the only classmate she likes seems to favor another girl. Eunchae did not expect to hate school, but she does. Even the thought of going to school every morning makes her stomach turn.

    Why does her teacher ignore her all the time? Why is the teacher always yelling and reprimanding the students?

    Eunchaes school life is a complete chaos. Will she find a way through it?


    <Whoever Picks It First!>

    Naeun has lost 20,000won in the classroom. The teacher announces that no one will be allowed to go home until the thief turns themselves in. As the sky gets darker, everyone in the class is worried they might never make it back to home. In effort to help her classmates, Eunchae makes a big decision.


    <I Made a New Friend>

    Yuju is a new student. Eunchaes favorite friend Shiwoo gives all his attention to her. Eunchae cannot stand having her favorite friend taken away. She snaps at Yuju, and even spreads rumors about her. However, Eunchae will soon discover what it is like to be


    <I Cant Wait to Go to School>

    This weeks group activity is making rice balls. It was Eunchaes idea, and the teacher said it was a great one! But Eunchae soon faces a new obstacle: a member in her group, Minchan, refuses to bring required materials. Eunchae must find out exactly why.

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