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  • 6-9

One Night

  • Author Lee Geum-yi
    Illustrator Lee Go-eun
  • ISBN 9788958284468
    Price 9,000Won
  • Pages 96
    Dimensions 165*215mm
  • Publication date. 2016.07.30.
  • Introduction

    Through this book, readers can think of their memories from their childhood and the love given from their grandparents, furthermore, the death and the eternity. One night without mom, dad tells a special

    story from his childhood inside the tent in the living room. On that day when dad left for fishing with his grandfather, a fish barely caught by his grandfather asked him to be free, and then, his three wishes will be come true. Therefore, dad released a fish and went to the sea palace, however, the soldiers in the sea palace tried to punish him by poking him 765 times and pinching him 949 times with pincers of a lobster. How come could dad come back home safely? The precious memory and exciting adventure of dad and his grandfather during one night is interestingly happening.

  • Overview

    작가의 말

    엄마 없는 밤
    밤낚시 전통
    물고기야, 어디 있니?
    나 좀 풀어 줘!
    네가 공주라고?
    잉어 공주
    세 가지 소원
    공주 구하기 작전
    초록색 하트 보석
    영원히 사는 방법 

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