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  • 11-14

Foster Care

  • Author Lee Geum-yi
    Illustrator Oh Seung-min
  • ISBN 2147483647
    Price 11,000Won
  • Pages 128
    Dimensions 148*210mm
  • Publication date. 2021.07.15.
  • Introduction

    <Foster Care> is a collection of five short stories that dives deep into the childhood in the contemporary world.


    Each short story explores a pair of conflicting ideas: friendship and animosity, communication and detachment, restraint and freedom, and convention and openness. The children in the stories feel lost between the two contradicting worlds.

    Delving into the issues that feel close to the heart of the children here and now, such as gender roles, economic polarization, technology and animal rights, this collection of short stories provides guidance and support for children and the parents alike.

  • Overview

    꽃이 진 자리
    한판 붙어 볼래?
    금단 현상
    임시 보호(신작)

    작가의 말 

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